happy september

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I really love fall. It has always given me new beginnings.
At the suggestion of Mr A, I have made a list of goals. It’s actually quite nice seeing them all in writing.

The great motivational gurus always advise to put vision boards and written affirmations in a place when you can see them every day. I think I may stick my list to the mirror and run through it every morning.
So here is to not accepting anything less than forward progress towards your goals. Happy September!

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Sharagano Dress & Paolo sandals via NORDSTROM RACK. Sunnies: Ray-Ban.

Photos by: Frankie de Guzman 

urban sighting


I was literally on a waiting list for what seemed like eternity to get these Zara jeans. I love them. I practically live in them.  The denim is very soft and stretchy, with perfect rips. I have to admit I have paired them with Birkenstocks and White Ts more than anything, but this look is so badass.



Also worth mentioning, the Boutique 9 pumps I am wearing are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I scored them last year at a Nordstrom Rack along with a slightly darker shade here. I have a friend who buys two of most things and I cringe at the idea, but these pumps I would definitely not mind having multiples of, in every color.

Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

Denim: Zara. Top: Zara. Shoes: Boutique 9 (similar here and love these). Sunnies: Great Ant.


how she got in them jeans


My mom has been persuading me for some time to try High Rise Jeans as she felt they’d complement my body. I was reluctant, as I believed they only flatter the long legs, thigh gap kinda gal.

A few weeks ago I was inspecting the Denim table at the Zara store and I thought I’d give these High Rises a chance.


I am definitely on the #closethethighgap team here! haha

Jeans:  Zara. Shirt: Zara (old, but love this). Shoes: Boutique 9 via Nordstrom Rack (similar here).

Photos by: Frankie de Guzman 


Twin-Selfie-1-2 Twin-Selfie-3 Twin-Selfie-7 Twin-Selfie-detail2

Last weekend I met my twin Frankie of Style Through My Eyes for drinks on Rush St. We ended up bar/club hopping until the wee hours of the morning after one of my best friends joined us. It was totally spontaneous, and SO MUCH FUN!

This dress is a millennial thing, know what I mean?

Shirt: Zara. Shoes: Zara (old, but love these and these). Sunnies: H&M (similar here). Watch: Rolex.